Submission Deadline: 30 September 2017

About The Competition



This competition, which runs until 30 September 2017, is meant to help both students and teachers have a better understanding of sustainability and the complexities around it. To aid in their understanding, GTTP has developed a short course that explains what sustainability is, its three pillars, and the different ways it can be applied in daily life. This course, Passport to Sustainability, is available on our website.  Students can refer to the material as they research their chosen organization.

Passport to Sustainability


Students participating in the competition must research how an organization carries out its activities in a sustainable manner and then document their findings in a 500-word essay, accompanied by original photos and/or original videos (posted on YouTube).  They can submit their entry on the website here.

Passport to Sustainability



Step 1

Find a company you think has excellent sustainable practices. You can browse Passport to Sustainability  for ideas about sustainability that will help you find an organization to research. Research why this company is a good example of sustainability.

Step 2

After getting all the facts, compare your findings with the information in Passport to Sustainability to ensure your chosen organization really is acting sustainability.

Step 3

Write an essay that explains your choice. Using your smart phone or camera, photograph or make videos  that illustrate the sustainable features of this organization.

Step 4

Upload your essay and photos here before 30 September 2017. Upload videos to YouTube and provide a link in your essay. All entries become the property of Global Initiatives, Inc./GTTP.

Selection Criteria

 Selection Criteria I

 We appreciate that sustainability is difficult to measure. Some actions to promote sustainability may work in one area but yield different results elsewhere. Your essay needs to explain exactly why the organization you are describing is an excellent example of sustainable practices in your area that others should try to adopt. Include an assessment of the impact you think their sustainable practices have on one or more of the three pillars of sustainability that are described in Passport to Sustainability. We are looking forward to learning from you!

Selection Criteria II

Your essay will be judged on both Content (70%) and Style (30%) Content: Do you provide evidence that supports your statements about the organization? Do you include an assessment of the impact?  Do you explain how others could adopt the same or similar practices and why they should? Style: Is your essay interesting to read? Do your photos or videos add to our understanding of the company? Your essay must be in English. We recognize that English is a second language for many students, so we will be looking for clear and creative writing more than perfect grammar. Remember, your essay should be 500 words or less and you must have photos or videos to illustrate your findings.


Up to three essay writers in each country will be rewarded with a cash prize of US$250 and the international winner also will attend the annual GTTP Student Teacher Research Conference to present their essay. Winners will be notified on or before 30 September 2017.

Who is Eligible?

Students must be in a GTTP member school. Entries must be submitted by an individual student and must be the product of the student’s own research and writing. Photos related to the organization described in the essay must be original photos taken by the student. Original videos may be submitted, but must be posted on YouTube with a link to the video included in the essay. Essays can be submitted on this website. Click here to upload.

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